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Daily Insight-IMF talks out on its next move in the country; corn export restrictions under review; government bond auction results

According to Max Alier, the IMF resident representative in Ukraine, the date of the IMF mission's arrival to Ukraine is yet unclear and will be determined after Ukraine takes the expected steps. Mr Alier also pointed out the most crucial issues in the IMF's relations with Ukraine. Among these issues are the preparation of the pension reform in the originally set way, and the increasing of natural gas and heating tariffs (the IMF earlier agreed that the increase could be smaller than initially planned, and could be spread out into two stages, in May and June), so that the financial balance of Naftogaz levels out and the public deficit stays within 3.5% of GDP. In addition, the IMF expects Ukraine to repeal the obligation for the National Bank to buy out certain government bonds, which were issued for recapitalising state banks and Naftogaz. Ukraine's fulfillment of these four conditions will allow putting the next review of Ukraine's cooperation programme with the IMF on the IMF Board's agenda, he said.

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