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Daily Insight-Stocks of Donetskal group suspended for trading; EU's ESI for May; bond market comment

The Securities and Stock Market State Commission of Ukraine (SSMSC) by its decrees published in SSMSC News on May 24 announced the suspended trading of shares of Yasyniv Coke (YASK UK; NR; UAH2.154), Pokrovske Mine (SHCHZ UK; NR; UAH1.753), and Donetsk Metal Plant (DOMZ UK; NR; UAH0.095) for one year beginning 20 May. The decrees mentioned a parliament member's request and the need to protect interests of the state and investors as the only reasons for the suspebnsion. In reaction to the SSMSC's decrees, shares of Yasyniv Coke and Pokrovske Mine plummeted by 35% and 45% respectively, on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange on Friday, 27 May 2011

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